The Bank offers a host of bill clearing services to it's customers simplyfying their financial processes.


a)Cheques drawn on the Bank's other Branch/Branches, local Branches of other Banks, Up-country Banks. The details of Cheque No.. Name of the Bank/Branch, amount and the name of the person/authority drawing the cheque (if legible) are to be noted in the foil/counterfoil of the paying-in-slips.

b)Cheques, Drafts, Dividend Warrants, Bills, Hundies and other Negotiable Instruments may be accepted for collection through the account on behalf of the customer and credited to the account on realization.

c)Cheques, Drafts, Dividend Warrants etc., drawn locally on places where Bankers' Clearinghouse does exist are collected free of charge. Such Negotiable Instruments on Up-country Banks/branches shall also be collected on terms to be ascertained at branches where these instruments are tendered for collection. The Bank, however, will not be responsible for any loss that may occur by delay or otherwise in transmission or collection.

d)Credits for Cheques, Drafts etc., drawn locally will be effected on realization. Withdrawals against such cheques or drafts will be permitted only on realization.